Blueberry Pods 20mg Compatible with Myst P1 Pod System

Myst P1 Blueberry Pods


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Myst P1 Blueberry Pods

  • £11.99

Myst’s Blueberry Pods are sweet ripe, hand-picked berries with a memorable aftertaste. The berries produce a vibrant blend of sweet and sour sensations, giving you the best of both worlds when you vape.

The natural lightness of the blueberries make these pods a perfect all-day vape. Each pod has a capacity of 1.3ml which equates to approximately 300 puffs.

Compatible with the Myst P1 Pod kit


Blueberry is available in 20mg nicotine strength pods.



3 x Myst P1 Blueberry Pods



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